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  • Social Distancing for the Social Animal

    Even if you consider yourself an introvert, from birth until death, our need for physical contact remains constant. If the past few weeks under social distancing guidelines have left you feeling as if you’re running out of oxygen, know that you are not alone. It’s normal to feel panic in a situation that is not only abnormal but has also been categorized as a world pandemic. Your need for human contact and or reassurance may be amplified at this time.

    Here are a few tips for the extroverts on surviving social distancing:

    1. Take a break from social media

    Reminiscing on old photos and videos on how things used to be and what you’re missing out on will actually increase your anxiety. Remain in the now and getting through today.

    2. Get out of the house

    From a short stroll around the neighborhood or going for a long drive, breathing fresh air will do wonders for your mental clarity.

    3. Meet With Friends Online

    Social distancing should not prevent you from continuing with the weekly girls’ night out. One option to feel connected is to host watch parties and virtual movie nights, watching the same movie from different locations using Netflix or other streaming services. Another option is to sip a drink during a virtual happy hour.

    Remember, social distancing means physical distance, not shutting ourselves off from the world!

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