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  • Remaining Compliant With Medications During the Pandemic

    With quarantine orders in place and things like toilet paper becoming scarce, if you are taking prescribed medications, you may want to take extra precautions to make sure you have the supply you need — especially if you’re part of a vulnerable population. Here are some tips on ways to remain compliant with prescribed medications.

    Ask your health care provider about getting a longer-term supply of your medications. It may be helpful to get a 90-day supply rather than your usual 60- or 30-day supply.

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    If the mental health provider who normally provides your long-acting injectable medication is closed, ask one of the retail chain pharmacies in your community if they are providing this service in their pharmacy.

    Here are some organizations that provide financial assistance paying for prescription medications.

    Medicine Assistance Tool: This is a search engine for many resources that the pharmaceutical industry offers

    Needy Meds: (800) 503-6897 /
    Offers a HelpLine and information on financial assistance programs to help defray cost of medication.

    Directory of free and low-cost medicine programs and other ways to manage medication costs.

    Rx Hope:
    Free patient assistance program to help people in need obtain critical medications


    Allows you to compare current prescription drug prices at pharmacies in order to find the lowest cost.


    Online coupons for downloading/printing.