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  • Recovery At Home In The Age Of Coronavirus

    2020 will forever be a black mark on our calendars. Between the global pandemic, an unruly election year, and an unexpected economic downturn, we’ve all been through a lot. And when you are in recovery, all of these issues are only compounded. When you’re stuck at home and in a rut, it’s easy to feel anxious, stressed, and ready to give up. Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself moving in the way of sobriety.


    Consider teletherapy.


    Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. But when you fear going out into public to protect the latter, it can make it more difficult to safeguard the former. For this reason, teletherapy services from Ibere Mental Health are a godsend. During an online session, you’ll have the opportunity to receive treatment in a safe area where you feel comfortable. Contact your insurance provider to see if coverage is available for virtual services.


    Change your routine.


    When life is the same day in and day out, it’s time to shake things up. Consider creating new routines that cater to isolation life. Make sure to include schoolwork for the kids plus fun activities that you can do together, like a family game night or backyard campouts. Hobbies Together also recommends unplugging and spending time outdoors when possible. Be flexible, and change up your routine when boredom begins to set in.


    Overhaul your space.


    Winter is here, and that means more time indoors. More time indoors opens up an opportunity for boredom, which The Recovery Village contends is a strong trigger for relapse. Make your space a bit more interesting, and eliminate negative actions, such as excessive criticism and arguments, by freshening up your home’s interior. A fresh coat of paint or even something as simple as opening the windows to allow air to circulate will give your home an entirely new feel. Plus, if you take the time to clean and declutter, you’ll have something to do and won’t get bored.


    Update your diet.


    You’ve heard the cliché 1000 times: you are what you eat. Never is this more accurate than when you are in recovery. Today’s Dietitian explains, “Proper nutrition and hydration are key to the substance abuse healing process” so choose your foods wisely and spend some time with your family learning how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. You may just find that the crankiness you are all experiencing is easily rectified when you have a belly filled with whole foods.


    Prioritize sleep.

    Sleep is unquestionably part of a healthy life. You already know that, as an adult, your body requires around eight hours of sleep each night. Make sure that you and your entire family get enough rest. Sleep tension away by eliminating caffeine and heavy foods in the evening hours. Exercise and keep your home cool — the ideal temperature for sleep is between 60° and 68°.


    Create a relaxing personal space.


    One thing you should do for yourself is to create a personal zone. When you are in recovery, time for self-reflection is crucial. You don’t have to have an entire room to yourself, but do make sure that you have a quiet spot to relax. Do yoga, read, journal, or engage in any other activity that allows you to get in touch with your mind and body.


    Self-isolation during quarantine and while in alcohol or drug recovery is a challenging experience. Tensions will run high and your entire family may feel the burn. But now is not the time to forgo self-care. The above are just a few gifts you can give yourself to help you weather the uncertainty of the world.


    Ibere Mental Health works with individuals aged 6 and older to combat stress, addiction, and other mental health issues. Book an appointment today if you need help coping with the pandemic.