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  • Managing Election Anxiety

    The upcoming elections are, no doubt, one of the most stressful polls in the history of America. Despite the party you belong to or the candidate you support, whether you are a supporter of Democrats, Republicans, or independents, stress is inevitable. The uncertainty, not knowing what will happen, who will win, and our country’s situation is killing everybody. All this ambiguity and vagueness of the situation is creating chaos. If you are amidst this chaos and feel so stressed and anxious, take a step back and give a few minutes to read what we have to say.

    Limit news exposure

    The 24 hours of news and media scrolling give us too much information, which sometimes can be misleading or wrong. Set a time for news updates and keep yourself away from excessive exposure to the political scenario. Take a digital break if you want.

    Set a limit to pre and post-election political talk

    people hold different views, which is their right. Don’t argue with your friends or family if their perspective is different from yours. Respect their opinion and know when to close a discussion before it escalets to a heated argument. 

    Keep yourself engaged

    Be productive. If you don’t know how to distract yourself from this election saga, engage in something productive and exciting—practice self-care. Give time to your favorite hobby, cook, eat, exercise, call your friend, go shopping, and do whatever relaxes you.

    Still too stressed to eat, sleep, concentrate, or even breathe…

    If you are so anxious and are unable to shake this political situation out of your head, talk to somenone. Talk to your friend, partner, parent, mentor, or get professional help. You will feel much better.

    The bottom line is that elections were here before you and will continue after you, so keep yourself first and look out for your health.