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  • Coping With Anxiety and Family Drama During the Holidays

    If we all had our way, the holidays would be endlessly joyful, with enough time to see every family member. The reality is not so picturesque, though. From your crazy aunts and uncles to the sibling drama that just can’t seem to stay buried, there is usually something that shows up to the party uninvited. Keep these healthy coping methods in mind if you feel tensions start to rise this holiday season. 


    Make a Plan and Stick to It

    You’ve spent enough time with your family over the years to have an idea of what you can expect at your upcoming holiday gathering. Whether you know you don’t get along with certain family members or need to leave by a certain hour, make a plan that will help you keep your holiday joy, and stick to it. These tips can help.


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    Set Boundaries

    If you do find yourself in a situation that’s making you less than merry, it’s important to set boundaries in a polite but respectful way. Use this approach for anything that makes you feel ill at ease, whether your cousin is making rude comments about your appearance or your well-meaning uncle offers you an alcoholic beverage you don’t want to drink. These resources will help you stand your ground.


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    Be Open to Healthy Changes

    One of the best gifts you can give during the holidays is forgiveness – whether it’s to yourself or others. If you find that you want to reach out to a loved one you haven’t gotten along with (or if they reach out to you), try to allow yourself to be open to changing your relationship to a healthy one. After all, it’s the season of joy! The following articles may help you move forward.


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    Practice Self-Care

    As you navigate the minefields you anticipate this holiday season, make a point to boost your self-care practices. By tapping into “me time” or doing something that makes you feel good like exercising, you can fend off some of your anxiety and even gain a new perspective. These tips can help:


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    The holidays sometimes seem like they would be easier without the pressures our families put upon us. But without our family members – even the high-maintenance ones – we wouldn’t be the people we are. Try to make the most of these times, but don’t be afraid to cut your appearance short if it’s ultimately what’s best for you.

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