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  • 21 Happy Things!

    1. The sound of children laughing
    2. The smell of fresh baked bread
    3. Standing on a white sandy beach looking into the crystal blue ocean
    4. Free drinks
    5. Conclusion to a grueling semester
    6. Junteenth family BBQs
    7. Getting lost in a book by your favorite author
    8. Binge watching a newly discovered Netflix series
    9. Completing that annoying level on candy crush
    10. Supportive feedback from fellow colleagues
    11. Sound of the rain, while I am under my blanket
    12. Completing all my chores, and still having time for a nap
    13. Naps
    14. Deep tissue massages
    15. No traffic
    16. Mystery shows
    17. Ignorant TV
    18. Smell of rain
    19. Homemade spaghetti
    20. Count down to vacations
    21. Receiving hand written love notes

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