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Five Ways to Help Children Cope with COVID-19

Children may respond to stress in different ways including regressing from previous milestones or becoming more clingy, anxious, withdrawing, angry or agitated,  and even bedwetting. Here are five ways to help them navigate COVID-19. Manage your own anxieties– Children pick up on the emotions of the adults around them even when they try to hide …

Are Antipsychotics safe?

As with any medications, anti-psychotic drugs have side effects. Here are four tips on taking anti psychotics:

1) Know the risks. Conduct thorough research to understand the risks of your medication. Consult more than one source to gain the complete information. If you have questions or concerns about possible side effects of your medication, speak to your provider immediately.

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2) Don’t be afraid. Everyone responds differently; no two people are the same in their response to medications. If your friend has had a reaction
to their medication that doesn’t mean that you will also have the same reaction.

3) Explore the alternatives. In some cases, a combination of counseling and medications can be more effective than medications. Also, speak with your doctor about any natural remedies that you are taking.

4) Not just for psychosis. Some anti psychotics can be used to help treat mood disorders such as bipolar. Do not be alarmed if your doctor prescribes an anti psychotic and you are not diagnosed with a form of psychosis. As always speak up ask questions, it is your body and health and you have every right to know why you are taking a medication.

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